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Living Under the Painted Lady

Scotland's Flame-Haired Beauty Worshipped Here

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I'm an artist and an instructor who lives in the Pacific Northwest but feels as though the UK, specifically Wales is her true spiritual home. I'm usually in training for some kind of marathon on triathlon but my first love is writing! I find inspiration in the amazing acting work of others, especially Scots actress Siobhan Redmond, the comic genius of Victoria Wood and Catherine Tate and the pure genius of Helen Mirren. Siobhan's complete commitment to her craft continually amazes me and I only hope that as I grow as an artist I can devote myself to my art the way she does to hers. She is a complete inspiration to me. I am also passionate about the empowerment of women. Women taking control of their own lives and loving the skin they're in; celebrating their own richness and culture.

MO & KATE a very modern love story!

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